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satanic poems

* They say it was the drink,
* a drunk man can't say why.
* Drinkers dive or drowning alive,
* I'm in psychological trouble, I have to see my drink.
* Nobody knows , no-one knows why.

* Further demise, enjoyment decline.
* A nations pass time, the European line.
* The rancid smell of an acquired taste
* you'll get used to it in time.
* Time is what it takes away, death's time line.

* Distribution curve is not extensive,
* The lagers foul, the cream is expensive.
* Bitter or sober? Gin and tonic?
* Coins on the floor and coins down the drain.
* Alcohol is worth it, alcohol has said so.

* Bar stools should be politicians.
* A worldly view on every matter.
* Stereo vision in six dimensions,
* every stool trying to keep their owner's attentions.
* Yattering at night, all night, does it matter?

* Run, think, fight and talk
* At least it's better than a dream
* A holy something is better than a nothing
* Nothing more holy than something
* Talk to her, no more fight, just walk!
* Talk to the inside, say something more!
* Deepening retreat of trust
* The circumstances are not right
* But a dream of her will inspire tonight
* A conversational fight
* or a dream come true
* Fleeting memory, it's not real
* Fighting the retreating
* Thinking of running
* Dreaming to better - better to talk.

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